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Swedish Biogas International Västerås AB

Swedish Biogas International Västerås AB and its biogas plant is a close collaboration between Swedish Biogas International AB and local farmers.

The plant was built in 2013 and is a co-digestion facility for mainly manure and waste products from agriculture in the area. The produced biogas is upgraded to vehicle gas in a water scrubber facility, and routed via pipeline to nearby customers.

The existing biogas production in Västerås, run by the Svensk Växtkraft AB, had to be supplemented because of a growing market. This market expansion was carried out through an agreement with SBI Västerås where 3 million Nm3 of vehicle gas will be produced per year.

Organically certified bio fertiliser is allocated in collaboration with local farmers.

The construction began in winter of 2013, and commissioning took place late autumn of the same year.

Owner: Swedish Biogas International AB (51%), local farmers (49%)
Commissioning: Autumn 2013
Treated amount of substrates: 80 000 tons manure & 10 000 tons plant foods per year
Produced amount of biomethane: 3 million Nm3/year
Production of bio-fertilizer: 80 000 tons/year
Reduction of CO2: About 13 000 tons/year


Swedish Biogas International Västerås AB

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