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Swedish Biogas International Örebro AB

Swedish Biogas International Örebro AB has been supplying biogas for buses in Örebro since October 2009 and to Stockholm Gas since January 2010.

The facilty digest residues from food- and other industry and agriculture-based raw materials. The produced biogas is upgraded in a water scrubber to vehicle gas, then passed through a gas pipeline in Örebro to a bus depot and where it gets compressed for gas flatbeds, and also supplies two biogas filling stations in the city with gas. Produced vehicle gas at the treatment plant Skebäck in Örebro also goes into the gas pipeline network.

The plant also produces bio fertiliser that is approved for use in organic farming.

Owner: Swedish Biogas International AB
Commissioning: 2009
Treated amount of substrates: 40 000 tons/year
Produced amount of biomethane: 5,5 miljoner Nm3/year
Production of bio-fertilizer: 60 000 m3/year
Reduction of CO2: About 14 000 tons/year


Swedish Biogas International Örebro AB

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