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Swedish Biogas International Lidköping AB

Swedish Biogas International Lidköping AB and its biogas plant is a close collaboration between Swedish Biogas International AB and FordonsGas Sverige AB.The partnership consists of SBI who operates a production plant for biogas and is responsible from raw materials to upgraded biogas. The upgrading of gas is done in a water scrubber facility. Then FordonsGas liquefies the biogas to liquid biogas for regional distribution and compresses for local distribution.
Selected technology for liquefaction means that biogas for vehicle quality is trimmed to almost 100 percent methane. Then, the gas is cooled down to approximately minus 160 degrees Celsius and becomes liquid.

The raw material for the biogas is mainly industrial products from the food industry in Lidköping vicinity.

Organically certified bio fertiliser is allocated in collaboration with local farmers.

The construction was initiated in early spring 2010 and started supplying biogas in January 2011.

Owner: Swedish Biogas International AB
Commissioning: January 2011
Treated amount of substrates: 60 000 tons/year
Produced amount of biomethane: 6 million Nm3/year
Production of bio-fertilizer: 50 000 Nm3/year
Reduction of CO2: About 14 000 tons/year
Investment: 80mkr, whereof 17 mkr as Klimp-subsidy


Swedish Biogas International Lidköping AB

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