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SBI Jordberga AB was built in 2013 with a close collaboration between SBI, E.ON, Skånska Biobränslebolaget and Nordic Sugar. SBI now owns and operates the production plant for biogas, and is responsible for the entire production chain from the purchase of raw material to upgraded biogas. The upgraded biogas is distributed via pipeline to eg. Skånetrafiken's buses and public filling stations.

The raw material for the biogas is mainly locally produced green mass. Produced biogas is upgraded through a water scrubber facility, and then distributed via injection into the gas network after adding propane. Besides biogas, a high quality bio fertiliser is produced, which is approved for organic farming. The bio fertiliser goes back to the region's agriculture, and thus closes the important nutrient cycle.

Owner: Swedish Biogas International AB
Commissioning: 2013
Treated amount of substrates: 90 000 tons/year
Produced amount of biomethane: 11,7 million Nm3/year
Production of bio-fertilizer: 110 000 tons/year
Reduction of CO2: About 28 000 tons/year
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SBI Jordberga AB

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