Biogas Plants

Biogas Plants

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Lars Sjösvärd

Temp CEO & Production Manager
+46 (0)703 16 61 62

Linköping, Sweden

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SBI Jordberga AB

SBI Jordberga AB was built in 2013 with a close collaboration between SBI, E.ON, Skånska Biobränslebolaget and Nordic Sugar.

SBI Katrineholm AB

Swedish Biogas International Katrineholm AB is a larger farm plant for co-digestion.

SBI Lidköping AB

Swedish Biogas International Lidköping AB is a close collaboration between Swedish Biogas International AB and FordonsGas Sverige AB.

SBI Örebro AB

Swedish Biogas International Örebro AB has been supplying biogas for buses in Örebro since October 2009 and to Stockholm Gas since January 2010.

SBI Västerås AB

Swedish Biogas International Västerås AB and its biogas plant is a close collaboration between Swedish Biogas International AB and local farmers.


Alvesta Biogas

In 2014 SBI built a biogas plant for a number of farmers around Alvesta that had planned for biogas production of their own manure and various products from industry and sIaughterhouse.

Grinstadgårdsgas & Sylves Lantbruk

SBI built, during the summer 2012, two biogas plants mainly for manure in Mellerud north of Brålanda.

Hagelsrum Biogas AB

SBI erected, in autumn 2011, a farm plant on Hagelsrums Gård outside Målilla.

Vadsbo Biogas

SBI built, during the autumn and winter of 2013-2014, a biogas plant for Vadsbo Biogas outside Mariestad.

Vårgårda - Herrljunga Biogas

SBI built in 2013 and early 2014 a larger collection facility for mainly fertilizer outside Vårgårda.

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